Store Support Services

Cardboard Recycling

Piggly Wiggly offers cardboard recycling to all of our stores. Cardboard must be baled and placed on a 40” by 48” pallet and your store number clearly marked on two sides. The cardboard is brought to a distribution center and weighed. Once it is weighed and reloaded it is sent to a recycle facility and then you will receive credit for your bales. Get started with recycling by calling Carol Dawson at 205-481-2390.

Equipment Repairs

Piggly Wiggly offers repairs to your pump up and electric pallet jacks. If your jack becomes broken, you can contact Jimmy Smith at 205-481-2382, and he will get a pick up scheduled and it will be sent back once it is repaired. You will receive an estimate for the repair from Paul before the repair is made.

Reclamation Program

Our Reclamation Center offers you an easy and timely method of returning any authorized damaged items distributed through your warehouse for credit. It’s easy and will save you labor, time, and money! All you have to do is accumulate items in your leftover banana boxes and return the banana boxes to your warehouse for processing. Contact Scott O’Brien at 205-481-2438 for information.